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Nicolaos A. Cutululis

it's all about wind!


I am Professor in the DTU Wind Energy Department of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and part of the Integration and Planning Section

The recording of my inaugural lecture, given on 11th of October 2019, is available [video]

DTU Wind Energy is a globally leading department for wind energy with scientific and engineering competences to the highest international level. We are a truly unique university department, being mission driven as opposed to the typical discipline oriented university departments.

DTU consistently ranks among the best universities in the world for Energy Science and Engineering!

I have been in wind energy research since 1998, starting with my PhD thesis “Contributions to the synthesis of control strategies for renewable energies systems with hybrid structures” (in Romanian) defended at the “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, Romania, in which I applied advanced non-linear control techniques such as feedback linearization and QFT for off-grid wind turbine control. The thesis also included a part on LQ optimal control for a wind-diesel system.   

Right after I completed my PhD, I joined Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy in Roskilde, Denmark, in the Wind Energy System’s section. In 2007, when Risø National Laboratory was merged with DTU I was part of Risø DTU and, since 2012, of the DTU Wind Energy Department.

Over all those years, my research has been in the broader area of integration of wind power, covering aspects such as wind power variability and uncertainty, control of wind power plants, ancillary services from wind, operation of highly renewable power systems and grid connection of wind power plants. In the past few years I have been focusing more on integration of offshore wind power, HVDC transmission, offshore grids and electrical infrastructure design and optimization.

I am experienced researcher in large European (currently in H2020 PROMOTioN, FP7 GARPUR, H2020 InnoDC, EU Baltic Integrid), Nordic and national projects. I have also acquired and managed industry funded research and collaboration.

I act as an editor for the scientific journal IET Renewable Power Generation and I have been a guest editor for IEEE Trans on Power Systems and IEEE Trans on Power Delivery. I’m an active PhD and MSc students supervision.

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