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Phd Students


[13] Alessandra Follo (with Elisabetta Tedeschi and Oscar Saborio-Romano): MVDC collection system for large offshore wind farms (2019-...)

[12] Liang Lu (with Poul Sørensen and Gunner Larsen): Enhanced frequency control capabilities from wind turbine/plant (2018-…)


[11] Amir Arasteh: (with Ömer Göksu): Advanced wind Turbine Converter Control in HVDC-connected Wind Power Plants (2018-…)


[10] Anubhav Jain (with Ömer Göksu and Kaushik Das): lack start and islanding operation capabilities of offshore wind power plants (2018-…)


[9] Juan-Andrés Pérez-Rúa (with Mathias Stolpe, Kaushik Das and Poul Sørensen): Design and optimization of electrical infrastructures in offshore wind power clusters (2017-…)


[8] Ali Bidadfar (with Poul Sørensen and Müfit Altin): Control and stability of meshed offshore grids with diode rectifiers and VSC HVDC (2016-2019)


[7] Oscar Saborío-Romano (with Poul Sørensen and Ömer Göksu): Integration of wind power plants connected to HVDC via diode rectifiers (2016-2019)


[6] Jonas Kazda (with Mike Courtney and Gregor Giebel): Multi-objective wind farm control (2015-2018) [thesis]


[5] Elliot Simon (with Mike Courtney): The uses of remote sensing technology in wind farm control (2015-2019) [thesis]


[4] Edgar Nuño Martinez (with Poul Sørensen): Impact of Renewable Energy Uncertainty on Electric Power System Reliability (2014-2017) [thesis]


[3] Jayachandra N. Sakamuri (with Poul Sørensen and Anca D. Hansen): Coordinated Control of Wind Power Plants in offshore HVDC grids (2014-2017) - received EAWE Young Wind Doctor 2017 award! [thesis]


[2] Juan Gallego-Calderon (with Anand Natarajan): Electro-mechanical Drivetrain Simulation (2012-2015) [thesis]


[1] Braulio Barahona (with Poul Sørensen and Anca D. Hansen): Integrated design of wind power systems (2009-2012) [thesis]



MSc students


[12] George Papakonstantinou (with Ömer Göksu) 2018: Modelling and Control of Modular Multilevel Converter designed for DC-based off-shore wind farm


[11] Daniel Hermosilla Minguijon (with Kaushik Das and Juan-Andrés Pérez-Rúa), 2018: Development of algorithms to solve the Wind Farm Electrical Collection System Design and Optimization Problem


[10] Feng Guo (with Kaushik Das and Edgar Nuno Martinez), 2017: Security and stability of high wind penetrated power system during storm conditions


[9] Joan Oliva Gratacos (with Jonas Kazda), 2017: In-operation learning of optimal wind farm operation strategy


[8] Christoph Wolter (with ), 2016: Overplanting in offshore wind power plants in different regulatory regimes


[7] Francesc Uya, 2016: Analysis of overplanting with dynamic cable rating for large offshore wind farms


[6] Nick Gerardus Cornelis Janssen (with Poul Sørensen), 2015: Uncertainties in aggregation of wind power generation in power system areas


[5] Henrik Stade (with Poul Sørensen), 2015: Space-time Analysis of Wind Power Forecast Error in Denmark


[4] Christina Angeloudi (with Igor Kozine), 2014: Availability Aspects in Large Offshore Wind Farms


[3] Georgia Roussi (with Anca D. Hansen), 2013: Methods for representations of wind farms in dynamic power system studies


[2] Blanca Naudin Aparicio (with Poul Sørensen), 2013: Aggregated power curve for multiple wind turbines in power system areas


[1] Brian Rasmussen (with Braulio Barahona) 2012: Dynamics of variable-speed wind turbine drive-train



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